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MAZI Group; large-scale wide area of ​​expertise has a significant share in Turkey and the world. Our company has resulted in the best success of infrastructure and superstructure projects.

Through its works briefly mentioned in this catalogue, MAZI Group is carrying the justified pride of its successful history to the future with the same youthful and dynamic spirit as the very first day.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Experienced Staff

Construction Equipment

Expanding its product line in order to meet the changes in market demands in the best way, our company produces effective solutions for its customers in the construction, agriculture and industrial sectors with its backhoe-loaders, heavy-duty machines, compact and industrial product series.

Turkey and the region's most efficient, profitable, high-quality, value-added and producing the best solutions, business and stacking machines company we want to be. We are the first choice of foreign customers in terms of construction and stacking machines.

Logistics & Cargo

The basic idea of ​​our vision is to follow technological developments closely, to adapt to innovations quickly and to share all the cost-reducing effects arising from these developments with our valued customers.

Our Mission; To produce services based on speed, quality and economy and to offer this to our valued customers. Our service process based on the requests of the end user is shaped in line with your demands and requests.

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Road Freight

Logistics & Cargo

It aims to offer the best to its customers by adopting that service quality is an unlimited customer right with its expert team that has passed the necessary training in logistics organizations. In this direction, it successfully continues its services by crowning its international air, land, sea transportation, storage and distribution services with ISO Quality certificates.

It knows the expectations of its companies very well and considers it a duty to provide a reliable and fast service with its staff formed in this direction.


Thank you for your interest in Lemis Travel, the travel specialist in Turkey that helps you discover the country's most diverse and impressive sceneries and highlights.

Our mission as a travel company in Turkey is to identify, meet and exceed your expectations. If you are searching for a personalized and distinctive Turkey travel experience, a trip in Turkey with Lemis Travel will guarantee you the best possible travel arrangement.


Our traditional Turkish hospitality, smiling faces, quality, comfort, well trained staff and our facilities build Our Hotels, which welcomes You in Istanbul as your home away.

Our Hotels, located in historic and central Istanbul peninsula, is on Vatan Caddesi, in front of Aksaray Metro. Our hotel is within walking distance to any touristic and shopping centers.

Rent A Car

Until 2004, no car rental industry demonstrated a very active profile in Turkey. However, after this date, the great developments and investments made in the country's tourism were also reflected in the auto leasing sector in parallel. Asi Rent A Car; TÜRSAB serves as a Group A Travel Agency.

As Asi Rent A Car family, we operate in the fields of daily - long term and domestic car rental, VIP transfer service, minibus & bus transfer service, auto sales and A group tourism agency.

Rent A Car

Transportation services by providing our customers with the benefits of modern information technology support and customer satisfaction to keep running in the foreground, to sustain profitability by maintaining our growth and contribute to the national economy and tourism in Turkey. It is to be recognized as an excellent organization that benefits its customers in transportation services, which is a branch of tourism.

For Asi Rent A Car, quality means meeting all expectations of our customers. Our principle is to perpetuate the quality in service with teamwork and to bring it to the most modern level.

Furniture & Home Appliances

MAZI Group; provides the most suitable and highest quality furniture for your home, office, hotel, cafe bar businesses. Our products with first class materials and workmanship are guaranteed.

MAZI Group is also the distributor of FAKİR electrical home appliances, which provides technology to your home and has superior German technology.


Our company is consumed with admiration in Turkey in wet wipes and liquid soap manufacturing its own brand and the world. as the production capacity is among the leading companies in Turkey. The products, whose quality controls are carried out at every stage of production, are produced with the understanding of Total Quality Management.

Products made of high quality with fully automatic machine park are delivered to the end user with reasonable and affordable prices. Our company, which aims to increase the quality day by day thanks to the periodic laboratory controls made on the products produced, is determined to serve the cleaning and hygiene sector for many years and to become a world brand by adding new products to its products.

Food - OlIve OIl

We produce natural extra virgin olive oil with the brand of Roua Olive Oil. Turkey and we produce the products we sell in the world market. We contribute to the national economy by exporting. The olive oil we produce is rich in phenolic components and suitable for use as a food supplement.

Olive oil containing high polyphenols, which you will consume as a tablespoon or half a coffee cup every morning, will protect you from many ailments that may develop in the future.

Food - Pasta

The pastas we manufacture are produced by expert teams in our fully automatic, untouched, integrated, modern production facility. It has demonstrated its sensitivity to customer satisfaction by producing high quality products both in export and in the domestic market with pre and post-production quality controls carried out by expert teams in our state-of-the-art systems and fully equipped laboratories in accordance with the standards.

Our brand, which has high quality and technology, exports its many varieties to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa countries. With our high quality, competitive prices and fast service, we work with an effort to be the best in the domestic and international markets.


Our company was established in 1993. It operated in the field of textile in 1995. Seeing the gap in tourism, it opened its first hotel in 1996 and then opened 2 more hotels.In 2009, it opened its operations in the foreign trade sector by importing and exporting. He continued on his way by establishing Travel Agency and Rent a Car companies in 2010. Finally, he showed himself in the construction and food sector. With the growth of the company's business in 2013, it was decided to gather under a single roof company in order to become a corporate and due to the high demand in the Middle East.

  • 1993 Mohammed CO. (Foreign Trade)
  • 1995 Vizyon Textile (Textile)
  • 1996 City Hotel (Tourism)
  • 1997 Sebnem Hotel (Tourism)
  • 2000 Bern Hotel (Tourism)
  • 2009 Europe Elite (Foreign Trade, Import-Export, Construction)
  • 2010 Star City Hotel (Tourism)
  • 2010 Lemis Travel (Tourism)
  • 2010 Asi Rent a Car (Tourism)
  • 2010 Roua Olive Oil (Food)
  • 2020 Mazı Group Company

Our Brands

Our Founder

He was born in Antakya-Turkey in 1970. He started his business life in 1985 and achieved success in every sector he entered. In addition to tourism sector, import and export, construction, engineering and food sectors continue to grow with this entrepreneurial spirit. Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab region have all become brands in all the sectors they have invested in. He is the leader in the export zone and has been awarded by the official institutions.


Mehmet MAZI


Contact Us


  • Adres : Vatan Cd. Sehit Pilot Mahmut Nedim Sk. No:1 Fatih/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Tel : +90 212 621 58 19
  • Fax : +90 212 532 34 15
  • Website : www.mazigrup.com.tr
  • e-mail : info [@] mazigrup.com.tr

  • Our company was established in 1993. It operated in the field of textile in 1995.Seeing the gap in tourism, it opened its first hotel in 1995 and then opened 2 more hotels. Devamı...